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The town of Devilstone


Anykščiai’ ground holds the large Puntukas boulder and its legend: apparently the devil carried the large stone (aiming to crush the church, of course) but dropped it on the way. Can you guess the origins of festival’s title?
Thanks to long-time dead writer J.Biliūnas, Anykščiai has the hillock with the Light of Happiness on top. Anyone reaching the summit greatly increases their chances of eternal happiness. Anykščiai inspired “Anykščių šilelis”, a lengthy poem immortalising Lithuania’s nature. In theory, every Lithuanian knows at least few lines of it.

Anykščiai is the hometown of a significant and absolutely the best Lithuanian metal band DISSIMULATION.
Anykščiai has the Horse Museum, unique Burbiškis Manor, the Corn Maze, St. Matthew’s Church, Bernardins’ Monastery Complex and many more objects of interest.
Another cultural feature of Anykščiai – no less than 70 artists are associated with this region (and hundreds more yet undiscovered).

Anykščiai encompasses multiple woods, lakes, islands, hills, marshes, greens, oaks, and other caprices of Lithuania’s nature.
Anykščiai is situated in the North-East of Lithuania, on the junction of Šventoji and Anykšta rivers. The place is not central but hardly the end of the world.

The town has approximately 10,000 inhabitants. It is exactly the right amount to feel civilized and too small for those expecting 24/7 services.
Everything is within easy walking distance; be sure that locals will point out exactly the right direction to the supermarket/bar/café/hotel.
Anykščiai is a cosy, hospitable, convenient and fascinating town. And no, people are not staring at you – they are simply curious.

It doesn’t rain here in midsummer! :)

The town is still using the old-school wonder – a super-narrow mini-train called Siaurukas.
Anykščiai has a winery producing authentic and mind-blowing wine brands; one of them, Voruta, has earned the status of a national culinary heritage.

Anykščiai has many more secret charms to be discovered. Let the adventures begin!