Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017


Rules are boring, so we would like to have as few of those as possible. Thus, please be sensible and honour what's written below.


  • Make noise with your audio/video equipment;
  • Have umbrellas near the stage during a concert (it's unsafe);
  • Distribute advertising material for any kind of commodity or service without a written agreement from the ALT events;
  • Litter;
  • Harm the nature in Dainuva valley;
  • Lit fires in unfitted places;
  • Endanger to yourself and others;
  • Disturb the peace and quiet of the residents of Anykščiai;
  • Swim in the Šventoji River at night or when intoxicated.

Also, here's a list of PROHIBITED ITEMS:

  • All beverages in glass containers;
  • Alcoholic beverages in any kind of containers;
  • Professional video equipment;
  • Weapons and firearms;
  • Flammable materials, fireworks, and explosives;
  • Drugs;
  • Racist/fascist/communist merchandise;
  • Power generators of any capacity.

All these items will be confiscated if found during security check-up. Anyone who buys the ticket to the festival automatically agrees to have their possessions checked by security upon entering the festival area.