Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Shoegazers in the Meadow / LITHUANIA

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ABUDU means ‘both of us’, but actually there are five of them! They already have managed to cause a stir in Lithuanian music scene. The band is only a few years old; however, it is often called one of the most promising local rock/indie acts. ABUDU is notable for dreamy lyrics, colourful compositions, and a sincere and straightforward outlook instead of riots and scandals often associated with rock music.

The members of the band all are old friends; some are even brothers. There are significant age differences between the members but they are unified by a professional view of what they are doing: they have a clearly defined goal which is to produce high-quality and appealing music. ABUDU is a starry-eyed union of shoegaze and grunge, a dream-like melancholy and youthful enthusiasm embedded in guitars and synthesisers.