Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Dream / Beauty / Purity / FRANCE

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ALCEST is music straight from the land of dreams... This exceptionally atmospheric and poetic act from France is very well known by many experimental music fans. The band’s frontman Neige is a talented multi-instrumentalist, who combines his childhood visions of a perfect spiritual world with soulful waves of shoegaze and post-rock. The resulting multi-layered, out-of-this-world melodies open a gateway to a luminous, fragile, and intangible dimension. These ethereal compositions brought ALCEST international recognition and a rightful place among the most advanced and professional musicians.

ALCEST’s concerts are an absolute triumph of atmospheric experience: an intoxicating, warm and smooth sound plays well with a splash of strict guitar strokes and grimaces of the modern world. ALCEST arrive at Devilstone with their new album, Kodama.