Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Atmospheric Black Metal / ICELAND

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The Icelandic music machine still operates in full power.

Seems like Icelandic origins are a guarantee of exceptionally high quality music. AUÐN hail from Hveragerði, a small town with a population of only a few thousands, but their music is of truly high scale and class. AUÐN are different from other Icelandic bands in their way of conveying the weight of their music through expressive melody and a keen sense of dimension.

AUÐN are a relatively new act with only a single album, but they are doing a lot of live shows which reveal their biggest strengths: subtle chilliness, tunefulness, and the ability to create the perfect atmosphere. Often named as one of the most talented Icelandic bands, AUÐN are releasing a new album this year, so it is very likely that Devilstone’s audience will be among the first to hear it.