Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Darkwave / EBM / Minimal Synth / USA

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Rough and intense, but incredibly danceable – that’s what is said about BOY HARSHER. And there’s a lot of talk going on about this exceptional duo: news about them are flooding the most prominent music websites in USA and Europe and their songs are breaking the dance floors in the underground. Even though dancing is mostly associated with the feeling of happiness and Ibiza lights, there are many more emotions in it, such as serenity and sadness, darkness and chaos. This alternative, multi-coloured emotional palette is prominent in BOY HARSHER’s work and, together with loud and energetic live shows, is their strongest feature.

Jae Matthews and August Muller, the names behind BOY HARSHER, vocalist and producer respectively, met on a small-town campus in Massachusetts while they were studying. Their background in film studies reflects in BOY HARSHER even today; simple, minimalistic, but cinematographic electronic blasts are telling an emotional story which finally explodes into action and chaos. Additionally, Jae and August adore playing in complete darkness and in places totally unfit for concerts as this only gives sense to the essence of music and reveals its true glory.