Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Punk-Core / Post-Agressive / Belgium

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The Belgian trio BRUTUS are often labelled as stratospheric punk rock band… We have no idea what it means exactly, but we’re sure as hell that they’re the hottest band this season! BRUTUS are outstanding in their emotionality, hardcore aggressiveness, and post-rockish guitars, but the key figure here is their singing drummer Stephanie, who would draw everyone’s attention even if there would be a massive earthquake.

BRUTUS have retained their base ideas grounded in the punk rock scene, though their music is more complex than that: atmospheric rock passages, strong rhythms, distinctive riffs, and acute-but-tender vocals. BRUTUS encompasses everything that is under the term guitar music. Energetic, emotional, dark, and refreshing – that’s what they are, and you’ll see everything in their exclusive night-time performance at Devilstone this summer!