Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Heavy / Melodic / The Baron / SWEDEN

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This title might not cause a lot of buzz in the metal scene right now but it definitely will do so in the near future. CHRONUS from Helsingborg, Sweden, have released their debut record only last year, but have already won the approval of other big bands such as SOILWORK, MEGADETH, and SABATON.

When asked about their musical direction, The Baron, CHRONUS’s frontman, jokingly answers that they’ve been called “dark FOO FIGHTERS” and a “heavy, rapturous ABBA.” All jokes aside, the band members take what they do extremely seriously: while other heavy metal showmen might laze around with girls and alcohol, CHRONUS are diligently working their instruments towards the perfect result.

The band’s tunes are dark and heavy, full of substance, topped with enjoyable vocals and moods ranging from easy rock’n’roll to hefty groove. CHRONUS have been compared with the likes of MASTODON, GOJIRA, and GHOST; this only proves the high potential and quality that these four guys from Sweden deliver.