Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Death Metal / GERMANY

deserted fear panorama 2

DESERTED FEAR’s newest album, released earlier this year, confirms that this band currently is one of the best and most promising German death metal acts.

DESERTED FEAR mould the best features of Swedish Death metal and American old-school elements into a harmonious entity with a perfect balance between melody and brutality. Their sound is pleasantly clean, well defined but with an appropriate amount of grit. No reinvention of the wheel here; no superfast drumming or guitars tuned so low you can’t hear the vocals. DESERTED FEAR play exactly what they like the most and they do that very well. Creative talent, catchy melodies, excellent live performances – that’s what we call Grade A death metal.

By the way, DESERTED FEAR’s music videos are extremely amusing and often balance between mildly absurd to ultimate WTF. We recommend checking them out!