Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Old-School / GERMANY

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After 25 years in music, DEW SCENTED certainly deserve to be called a cult classic. Although the thrash metal tradition is enlivened with some modern variations and a death metal feel, being consistent, persevering, and dedicated are the qualities which granted the band a respectable status. Ten albums and constant movement (31 concerts a month!) also ensures that the name DEW SCENTED is widely heard.

DEW SCENTED songs are dominated by sharp and grimy guitar riffs; however, they do not lack striking, melodic solos and a brutal sensation. Energy and aggression are the moving forces behind their music, so to borrow a name from the works of the romantic Edgar Allan Poe might seem like an odd decision. On the other hand, this fact points to the bands mysterious side.