Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Psychedelic / Retro / Rock / THE NETHERLANDS

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The brothers Van de Poel have created DEWOLFF with a friend of theirs while they all were teenagers and their youthful vigour and talent didn’t go unnoticed. Their popularity has grown and their music has matured over more than ten years of activity; today, DEWOLFF can boast about their intense live shows where no one can resist the power of psychedelic blues-rock which brings out the best of a classic sounds and modern trends.

Each album by the dynamic trio is special in its own way; their pace varies from rather melancholic pieces to electric rock’n’roll. If you’d listen to DEWOLFF with your eyes closed, images of hippie girls with flowers in their long hair and guys with quirky moustaches and flared pants would definitely pop up; however, the band promises that their new record will be as modern and heavy like never before. True, DEWOLFF are monsters on stage because they perform each concert like it would be their last.