Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Electronic Kraut Wave / THE NETHERLANDS

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Pascal Pinkert, the man behind DOLLKRAUT, has recently stated that he would love to compose film scores in the future – even though his current project sounds like a movie soundtrack already. Pinkert’s deep and unhurried compositions, created by analogue gadgets and live instruments, hold a remarkable, well-balanced atmosphere.

DOLLKRAUT is openly fond of the comic book culture, B-movies from the 70’s; the project explicitly confronts the world of clean and sterile music production. Hypnotic synthesiser tunes and highlighted bass lines convey a splendid vibe of the German Krautrock efforts.

The latest DOLLKRAUT’s album Holy Ghost People delves deep into organic sound and lo-fi feel. It truly is a refreshing gust of air in the modern, suffocated by synthetics music industry.