Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Thrash / Horror / Crossover / SWEDEN

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The Swedish DR.LIVING DEAD! have started playing together just as the wave of thrash metal was rising again, some ten years ago. Some members didn’t even know that they’re in this ‘band experiment’, so things could have been not so fortunate – but they didn’t! Best features of thrash metal and hardcore paired with an idiosyncratic appearance, honouring horror and sci-fi moves of the 80’s (those skull masks!!!) have brought all ears on them - DR.LIVING DEAD!’s first demos were immediately noticed by the media and names as best releases of the month.

DR.LIVING DEAD! are ready to break the genre boundaries; their thrash/crossover explosions are booming with hardcore aggression and occasional milder heavy metal tunes. Though the Swedes should be proud of their dynamic and powerful live shows the most; it’s said that the audience is not only satisfied and invigorated, but also forced to change their shirts… Heat and sweat are guaranteed!