Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Post-Sludge / Hardcore Meat / LITHUANIA

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Even though ERDVE is active only for a couple of years, they’ve managed to do something that none of the heavyweight Lithuanian metal acts could achieve: they’ve signed a contract with the French label Season of Mist. And this isn’t a result of some lucky coincidence; the band’s debut Vaitojimas is an excruciatingly heavy combination of black metal, sludge, and post-hardcore in its finest form.

Some believe they can spot clichés and standard patterns in ERDVE’s work, but the truth is that their music is the final output of lengthy searching for one’s self and experimenting with various sounds. The band members have tried themselves in a number of acts in varying genres, so they’re not concerned in limiting themselves by rules; self-actualization and expression are the most important. Honesty does not go unnoticed – ERDVE are often named one of the most promising bands in extreme metal of today.