Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Apocalyptic Rock / FINLAND

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Long story short: back in 2010, several talented musicians founded the soon-to-be-sensational BEASTMILK. Their first releases immediately attract lots of attention and the band is in the spotlight. A true marvel called Climax is released in 2013 and numerous positive reviews follow. Metal music community, indie kids, goth punks – all seem to dance to the blue tunes of BEASTMILK. The band becomes one of the most significant names in new-wave rock, a contract with Sony Records is soon to be signed and... poof, BEASTMILK is no more. The few members left mourn and drink for two days straight and decide to reincarnate the band under the name of GRAVE PLEASURES. Thus so, a new story begins…

GRAVE PLEASURES have all the best features of BEASTMILK: amazing vocals, excellent rhythm, deep lyrics, beautifully chilling instrumental passages, and the Northern aesthetics. The band’s new lineup is often called a true underground dream team. GRAVE PLEASURES are a cocktail of sadness, melancholy, popmusic sensitiveness and post-punk coldness.

Even though post-apocalyptic lyric themes carry gloomy prophecies for the world, GRAVE PLEASURES offer comfort and say: “do not worry the future is bright. And atomic”.