Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Retro Rock / SWEDEN

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GRAVEYARD’s members left their daily jobs just so that they could give all their passion to music. Given that the band’s frontman Joakim Nilson was driving a garbage truck at the time, they probably did not lose much. Today, everything this quartet creates and their ability to attract massive audiences put them on the pedestal: GRAVEYARD not only support themselves from their music, they also are the ones who set the trends in classic rock.

Most describe GRAVEYARD’s music as a synthesis of classic, psychedelic, and hard rock. The band members explicitly oppose any labelling and say that they always aim to bring something new in their compositions; otherwise it would soon become boring. That explains the elements of progrock, blues, and jazz. Both fans and critics note that GRAVEYARD’s charm comes not only from trendy occult lyrics, but from their diligence and technicality too; add some drive and a hippy atmosphere, and here we have the foundation of GRAVEYARD’s creative work.