Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Gritty Poetic Rock / Denmark

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Don’t think about mammoths; think about romance, resistance, naivety… ICEAGE is a four-piece youthful whirl of punk rock from Copenhagen, founded when the band members were in school. Innate creativity, openness to experimentation, and intuition for quality have brought some vibes of American indie rock, some British stubbornness, melancholy notes of post-punk and a pinch of noise rock. ICEAGE’s talent didn’t go unnoticed – all three studio albums were nominated for the best album of the year at the Impala awards.

The rebellion and youthful maximalism are almost a thing of the past though; ICEAGE is delving deeper into the themes of human relationships and existence. Sometimes they choose romantic feelings or solitary sadness and sometimes – edgy rock’n’roll and humour as their means of expression. Having stepped out of the underground, ICEAGE is conquering the big stages one by one. After all, their music is appealing both to rock music fans of all breeds and boyband-adoring girls.