Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Death / Grind / Crust / GERMANY

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The international team of IMPLORE try to kill two birds with one stone: first and foremost, to spread dissatisfaction and contempt with all the injustice and selfishness in the world and second, to make everyone go wild in their live shows. If there was a band Olympics, IMPLORE would win a gold medal for the number of live gigs they’ve played; they started only five years ago, but several members could not deal with such extensive touring.

Today IMPLORE are strong and motivated as ever and trying to achieve their goals by hard work and a ferocious maelstrom of hardcore/crust, grindcore, and death metal. To put it shortly, they’re extreme as hell! IMPLORE berates capitalism and are proud to be free-thinkers and to live their dream to have their bodies and minds on stage 24/7.