Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Rebellious Noise / BELGIUM

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Photo: Anton Coene,

There are only three of them, but that is enough to cause a bedlam on stage. KAPITAN KORSAKOV, noisemakers from Belgium, will deliver a portion of grungy noise rock, coloured with riot and hints of psychedelics. The band’s philosophy is simple: there are no genres in music. There is only good, sincere music, and there is bad music.

Brilliant guitar tunes, melancholy, and obvious self-irony are KAPITAN KORSAKOV’s distinctive features. Their shows are explosive to say the least: it is enough to see their music videos to realise that it is hot like hell when they get up on stage.

KAPITAN KORSAKOV are exceptionally honest and authentic; they reject all hottest trends in the music world. Are you ready to roam the crazy seas of guitar fuse together with the Captain? A performance without limits awaits...

Cover photo by Anton Coene,