Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Blackmetal Brigade / LITHUANIA

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Fifteen years ago, in the eternal city of Rome, a one-man projected called LUCTUS came into being. Today, LUCTUS is one of the most active Lithuanian extreme metal bands. The nostalgic love of the native country was replaced by more sophisticated and philosophical topics; the traditional black metal sound turned into gloomy and mysterious moods. Even though LUCTUS is at the very top not, the band is always ready to take the next step forward.

LUCTUS has earned recognition by knowing what they want and how to achieve it, not by empty clichés or heaps of records. They deliver a unique sound and have their own views on their image. LUCTUS has played numerous gigs in the west, so their high quality and energetic performances are valued outside of the native Lithuania borders. When speaking about idiosyncrasy and professionalism, LUCTUS should be the name to look for.