Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Rock from Freetown Christiania / DENMARK

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MOLLY might be really difficult to find on Google, but when stumbling upon a huge burst of punk-rock power, it’s clear that you’re on the right page.

This ambiguous name hides three down-to-earth lads from Copenhagen. Their playing style is fast, melodious, and emotional. MOLLY are often described as punk rock, but they are clearly influenced by American indie, grunge, and alternative rock. Their songs manifest a romantic view on life, obviously familiar to the band members.

No matter what kind of frivolous stories would follow them, MOLLY have already played at the all of the biggest festivals in Denmark and won a lot of hearts and ears. Nonetheless, the band members claim that fame is irrelevant: it does not matter when and how many albums they will record, the most important thing is to keep on playing.