Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Xevimetal / USA

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Orderly, tasteful, and neatly performed heavy metal is a goal which not all can achieve; though NIGHT DEMON from California can do it with their eyes closed! Their debut album Curse of the Damned was a real knock-out and gave them the opportunity to support a gig by their own personal idols DIAMOND HEAD. Heavy metal fans were soon charmed by the band’s melodic and balanced music too, so NIGHT DEMON are now touring in both sides of the Atlantic and have travelled through the whole country of Brazil with their tour bus.

NIGHT DEMON says that their new release Darkness Remains is The Bomb, but they largely focus on delivering their live shows without flaw. Strong, high-pitched vocals of Jarvis Leatherby now can be heard in more and more European music festivals, and the band promises to take Devilstone’s stage with unlimited force, as there is no stage too big or small for them!