Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Altenative / Post-Rock / Screamo / LITHUANIA

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The band would never admit this by theirselves, but NO REAL PIONEERS was the band which brought emotional hardcore / scream into daylight in Lithuania. The underground, sensitive, rather lyric but still sullen sound which this trio creates is exceptionally fascinating to the masses but still close to home for those who grew up with dulled-down sounds from the garage or the cellar. NO REAL PIONEERS promise to still scream about what needs to be heard and to create what they love. They also are planning to release their first full-length album in vinyl before summer; though the band members still mention this unofficially.

NO REAL PIONEERS are a frequent guest both in underground gigs and open-air festivals. So their show at the upcoming Devilstone will have their usual charm and drive, and also several sneak-peeks at their upcoming full-length release.