Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Bizarre Black Metal / FINLAND

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Finland has always been famous for having a distinct and specific black metal scene. This might have had influenced ORANSSI PAZUZU to be the opposite: without any rules and boundaries, writing obscure, experimental, and mindblowingly heavy compositions.

ORANSSI PAZUZU are praised for their intricate puzzle of refined music genres, varying from jazz and avant-garde to psychedelic or space rock, and, of course, the blackest of black metal. According to the band members, the most important thing is to create a specific aura, to synthesise the darkest corners of the universe and the vibrations of the human mind and not be afraid to do that. Immortalised in four albums, ORANSSI PAZUZU’s musical wanderings visit surreal visions, boundless wastelands, space, and the times of Babylonian demon worship.

The band arrives with their latest album Värähtelijä, released in 2016.