Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Free the Trees! / CZECH REPUBLIC

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PLEASE THE TREES might be the most interesting band you will ever see. They prefer unfamiliar audiences over faithful fans as this offers more new feelings. Critics claim that they are a collective to whom a band name is more than just a title, and they are right: these Czechs plant a tree every time they play at a new venue. PLEASE THE TREES translates to being one with nature, creation, and the surrounding space.

Led by the singer-songwriter Václav Havelka, PLEASE THE TREES constantly amaze with their ideas and creative decisions. PLEASE THE TREES tunes are a tribute to psychedelic rock, alternative, traditional country, and many similar genres as the band members always have felt more like fans, not musicians.

They definitely are one of the most entertaining bands from Czech Republic – and also the first band from this country to arrive at Devilstone.