Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Indie / Psychedelic / Post-Punk / CANADA

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This Canadian band definitely started their career off by the wrong foot: they made their debut under the moniker VIET CONG and received rather bad press only because of their title. So… They re-started and made their second round about the Sun in a more positive light: PREOCCUPATIONS are one of the most-wanted acts in Canada; mesmerising with their post-punk feel and a modern, psychedelic, and a rather experimental sound.

When it comes to music, PREOCCUPATIONS prefer a path of trial and error rather than giving in to inspiration. Their distinct creativeness is their strongest side; the music is full of drastic mood swings and varies between cosy chords to hectic dissonance. Even though PREOCCUPATIONS frequent the line-ups of many big festivals throughout the globe, booking them is a rare and valuable opportunity. The success of their newest album is in the air, so Devilstone, be prepared!