Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Youthful Rock / WALES

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Hailing from a small town in Wales, PRETTY VICIOUS do not feel like rockstars at all; on the contrary, they live their lives as average citizens who just happen to love playing music. And they do that pretty darn well: PRETTY VICIOUS are one of the most promising bands from the Isle of Albion because of their marvellous compositions and excellent live shows.

The members of the band state that at the start, PRETTY VICIOUS was simply an output for all the youthful energy – until it became an actual dream. Their single It’s Always There caught on the radio as soon as it was out and not long after, received a title of one of the hottest songs of 2015. PRETTY VICIOUS are now enjoying the spotlight: they have recorded their debut album and cannot wait to get back on stage.