Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Gothic-Death Rock / Germany

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To shield one’s work and identity under the shroud of mystery is quite trendy nowadays, but ROPE SECT from Germany is doing this for a reason. First and foremost, all the attention is channelled to the music: names, faces, biographies are irrelevant. The creative process becomes absolutely free and independent from the society, from sanity, and actions. ROPE SECT is like dancing on the ashes of the past, total self-isolation, and explicit hints to the final/total freedom – death.

ROPE SECT emerged from nowhere and immediately caused a stir; rumour has it that the band members are quite well known in the heavy music scene. This is probably one of the reasons why their work attracts both metalheads and fans of easier music alike. Meanwhile, ROPE SECT openly declares the pioneers in the gothic scene PINK TURNS BLUE and their peers BEASTMILK to be their greatest influences. Which makes things even more intriguing – so which questions will be answered in ROPE SECT’s live show?