Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Black Metal ist Greek / Greece

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This is the most distinguished extreme music act in Greece, there’s no doubt about that. When the world was being conquered by the fierce masters of the Norwegian black arts, the South had its own weapon – ROTTING CHRIST. This is the band which has shaped the main features of the regional sound and has deservedly earned the status of a legend. Their first albums are an undying classic of extreme metal, retaining their platinum-value worth. While many of the first-wave black metal warriors are struggling to relive their glorious days, ROTTING CHRIST is still relevant, ground-breaking and interesting.

Having gone through trials of several styles from grindcore to different varieties of black metal, ROTTING CHRIST now are known for their unmistakable sound. Dark, atmospheric, and mysterious music embellished with Ancient Greek motives build up to a profound ritual. Each new released of theirs is always something yet undiscovered and esoteric. ROTTING CHRIST is at their full power on stage – they’re one of the most extensively touring bands and their shows are extremely energetic and mesmerising.