Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Black Metal Classics! / NORWAY

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Behold, a true Norwegian black metal legend, SATYRICON! This is the band which defined the genre and the movement itself. Their Nemesis Divina has become an all-time genre classic amidst the rising second wave of black metal, shaped by controversy and rebellion. For more than 25 years now, SATYRICON has maintained a vicious, emotional and devilishly fast face.

SATYRICON are not only the innovators who have expanded the limits of comprehension and sound in black metal. They were the first to open the gates to international recognition both for themselves and for their peers. It would appear that they have had it all during their long-lived career: multiple awards for the best band in Norway, shows with a live orchestra… Nonetheless, the band’s frontman Satyr names the hunger for novelty, for yet unseen places and unmeasured limits as SATYRICON’s life-force. It’s true, SATYRICON have lost the traditional black metal feel lately… but the band members are sure that they have never even been that fierce and extreme.