Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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New Wind from South America / CHILE

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South American metal has always been known for its dirty underground sound and a bold outlook; however, the wind of change blows even over the Atlantic.

SOL SISTERE have reinvented the deep-seated Chilean tradition with their profound, atmospheric, and melodic black metal. Their music travels all over the world: the band’s debut EP was released by the Chinese label Pest Productions, and now they are sheltered by the Dutch Hammerhead records.

The members of SOL SISTERE are experienced musicians; their creations encompass several styles, such as the melancholy of doom metal and fast, fierce, dark etudes. Their exceptionally firm rhythmic foundation distinguishes them from other bands in the region. SOL SISTERE’s music is colourful, powerful, and based on brilliant melodies.