Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Post-Punk / ITALY

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A cool and picturesque musical breeze blows from Italy’s direction for almost ten years now. SOVIET SOVIET are a romance with a whiff of melancholy; a romance charming in its simplicity, sincerity, and naivety. Drawing inspiration from the founders of post-punk, these Italians are capable of weaving colourfulness, noise, and melody into one vastly rich entity.

SOVIET SOVIET skilfully combine distinct baselines and wintry guitar motives with a post-rock feel, acoustic fragments, and Southern accents. Last year, the band has released their second album called Endless, and now, having toured throughout all Europe, they are the leaders of the modern post-punk scene. However, do not let the straightforward post-punk tag fool you – SOVIET SOVIET can offer more than that. We are certain that many will find appealing tunes, themes, or melodies in their songs.