Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Violin / Post / Sludge / USA

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SUBROSA is exceptional in so many ways: three divas on stage, two-violin stereo, mesmerizingly slow sludge/doom sound grounded in the philosophy of opposites: life versus death, silence versus noise, love versus hate, and freedom versus censorship. SUBROSA is a salty, melancholic experience from Salt Lake City, and their last two releases were among the best albums of the year.

The band’s founder and soul Rebecca Vernon is keen on relaying her own feelings, thoughts, and experiences in SUBROSA through her low and soothing voice. It’s possible that the recent political development in the USA has affected the band’s creative work and the latest releases are gloomy and anxious because of this. Crying violins, a trio of divine voices, unhurried and heavy melodies are like feelings, slowly and painfully making their way into one’s soul.