Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Cold Noise / LITHUANIA

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The experimental whirls of SUICIDEOSCOPE are born in waves of dreamy trap music, electronic tunes, and icy guitar wails. The project’s founder Dominykas states that SUICIDEOSCOPE is an exploration of oneself, originating from the deepest darkest self-realisation quests; it’s a series of tests trying to find the most appropriate means of output by combining contrasting genres and instruments.

Dominykas admits to sympathise with the whole ‘bedroom projects’ movement as he thinks that it is exceptionally sincere and straightforward. SUICIDEOSCOPE moves in a similar fashion: the debut was released as a cassette tape. The debut album gently flows in romance, counter-balancing the dark tones of post-punk and electro. Overall, SUICIDEOSCOPE is too underground to be famous and too good to stay unnoticed.