Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Hailing from the Southern coast of the UK, TALL SHIPS could not have chosen a better name for themselves. Their music embodies freedom, fantasy, honest and genuine emotions; it gently rolls with the waves of easy indie and intoxicating pop. Complete and sincere dedication to write music is opening the wide gates to recognition and an imminent breakthrough; however, not that long ago, TALL SHIPS could have only dreamed about success.

TALL SHIPS’ debut album Everything Touching saw daylight in 2012; truly a brilliant release which made the band heard and landed them a few successful gigs at several festivals. However, without any managerial and promotional support, TALL SHIPS were forced to leave the stage. The band members have later confessed having been plagued by various issues for some time, so the only option left was to abandon music and find some other ways to repay the debts.

Having held their ground through the hardships of the music industry, TALL SHIPS are making a comeback with Impressions, released on the 31st of March. This album is extremely charming in profound and open emotions. The sails are up and the winds are fair: we’re sure it will not take long until TALL SHIPS sail all around the world.