Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Post-Punk / Coldwave / Synth-Pop / USA

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Murky-sounding synth-pop duo TEMPERS are visiting Anykščiai straight from the Big Apple. Their unique musical signature – a grim mire of synthetic sound with a soft touch of singer Jasmine’s voice – is greatly inspired by a clash of numerous styles and cultures. TEMPERS also point out that a sense of disturbance and frustration is obligatory for creativity – if it is not there, the creative process is not evolving further.

TEMPERS compositions are full of extreme emotions: manic episodes, drama, and anxiety. Nonetheless, all these feelings somehow create a soothing musical current, inviting for meditation or an intoxicating dance. TEMPERS are an uneasy sadness and a lonely romance at once. They may sound cold, but they will attract with a familiar melancholy.