Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Darkwave / Post punk / Shoegaze / UNITED KINGDOM

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This English duo is smoothly surfing through the cold waves of dark electronic and their own popularity. THE KVB are Nicholas, the man behind the music and Kat, the visual master; they are together not only on stage but in personal life too. They say that a close bond and understanding of one another helps to steer THE KVB in a more clear direction.

The minimalistic electronic in the couple’s work is slowly being replaced by a soft, shoegaze feel and all the dark and cold notes are accompanied by techno vibes. Carefully crafted visuals are an inseparable part of THE KVB and they make the music even more immersive. The creators say that a greater deal of their focus is not on the ideas or the expression, but on the sound experiment itself; it’s important to them that the listener is overwhelmed by the music and the intimate atmosphere.

THE KVB certainly will become one of the most unexpected discoveries at the upcoming Devilstone, we promise!