Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Horror / Dark / Death / SWEDEN

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How many times outsiders and rule-breakers were beaten to dust and forgotten… But that did not happen to TRIBULATION. Born in the very cradle of death metal, Sweden, this band brought new ideas into the conservative development of the genre. Their third album featured hints of heavy metal and gothic currents; this certainly helped TRIBULATION’s popularity to reach the top.

TRIBULATION is hard to define in terms of genre, even though their sound is so distinctive. It’s easier to talk about them in non-musical descriptors: horror aesthetics, necro-romance, vampire erotica, transcendental journeys. Tales from the crypt, illustrated by an atmospheric, melodic, and progressive sound. TRIBULATION is motivated by their ambition and the need to improve and release diverse albums still within the range of the classic sound.