Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Desert Rock / SWEDEN

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These guys combine good ol’ fuzz stoner with tunes of alternative rock; nonetheless, TRUCKFIGHTERS are not genuine followers of this tradition. They absorb the ideas of contemporary rock really well, thus a touch of garage and punk motives are present in their compositions. Moreover, after the release of their latest album, they can even be called post-stoner. Their sound is rigid, rowdy, vigorous, dynamic, and unique – a true stadium-wide sonic blast. TRUCKFIGHTERS are so playful and unpredictable that they could compose a dance music album – and be excellent at it.

This Swedish trio skyrocketed to success: for the past couple of years, TRUCKFIGHTERS have driven thousands of kilometres, played hundreds of shows, and have been named the best band in the whole world by none other but the super-famous QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE. Life on wheels might not be a holiday to the band members, but this lifestyle suits them well: being on the road equals being free and wild – such as their music.