Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Punk / Alternative / Tusk / THE NETHERLANDS

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TUSKY is one of the most convivial bands in The Netherlands, rapidly gaining popularity beyond the native borders too. The band started out when JOHN COFFEY – you know, the ones who can catch a beer thrown at them while standing on the hands of their crowd – decided to have a rest. Employing the same stage tricks, TUSKY delivers a merry, energetic, and charming mix of alternative rock, grunge, and pop-punk.

It’s never sad with TUSKY; their songs are catchy rock’n’roll and memorable lyrics. Thick frontman Alfred’s moustache and the lively disposition of the remaining band members demand your full attention! TUSKY loves 90’s punk rock, straightforward and captivating tunes; they’re all here for you now: great songs, great mood, and a crazy party!