Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Thrash Attack! / USA

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...restart!!! Although the Americans WARBRINGER are considered one of the core bands in thrash metal revival, after the hurricane on Devilstone 2012’s stage the band needed a reboot. However, after resolving all internal issues, WARBRINGER return with a new lineup, a new album, and a new label.

Energetic, vigorous music, strong rhythms, drive, dynamics, and impressive instrumentals are WARBRINGER’s key features which enable them to be the leaders of the new generation thrash metal. Despite the new stuff, all genre conventions and key ideas are present in their music. According to the band members, their driving force is the spite and malice around them: “forget Satan, it’s a fairy tale. The true evil lies in people’s hearts”.

WARBRINGER are going to present their newest release Woe to the Vanquished.