Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018
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Space Rock / SWEDEN

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Even if you haven’t heard about YURI GAGARIN, the name should tell you everything you need. This five-piece band from Göteborg dedicates their music to the vast planes of space, its mysteries, and the existential solitude in the web of dark matter. The band members believe that people will be flying to Mars in the following decade, so they’re keen on creating the best soundtrack for the journeys to come. They’re definitely on the right track – their songs are described as a flight in a spaceship.

YURI GAGARIN’s work retains the charm of the 70’s psychedelic rock but it’s far heavier than that; it touches the borders of doom metal, resembling an icy vacuum of space more than a desert. They choose to play instrumental music, as words are unnecessary in the event horizon of a black hole. Though, as they say it, a vocalist simply would become annoyed with sustained and flowing guitar solos…