Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Devil is Fine / USA

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Something that has begun as an innocent joke now is one of the most intriguing and original projects in the modern alternative scene. ZEAL & ARDOR music combines American slave songs with vicious black metal tones, electronic, blues, and many more. Their experimental compositions sound like the Civil War times in the USA; however, the ideas of oppression and rebellion are conveyed through the lens of total liberty and common sense.

The man behind this project Manuel Gagneux admits that his goal is to let out all dark thoughts through slave songs. The results are expressive, elemental, and captivating compositions which clearly are a sensational representation of the cosmopolitan musical world of the 21st Century: ZEAL & ARDOR is a reflection of its innovation, versatility, and limitlessness. ZEAL AND ARDOR get many controversial reviews; however, Manuel accepts all forms of recognition and claims that the band will be alive as long as someone pays attention to what they do.