Anykščiai, Lithuania 13-16 JULY 2017
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Latvian Rock / LATVIA

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Lithuanians and Latvians are bonded by history since the dawn of time; this four-piece band from Riga also is more Lithuanian than it may appear at first. A connection to Žydrūnas Girdauskas may not be evident, though the band’s most famous song Tomiņš mentions compote quite a lot, and they even introduced themselves as hailing from Mažeikiai (LT) once!

ŽIDRŪNS is active for more than ten years and is valued for interesting, weird at times but nonetheless high-quality music. The band is not afraid to experiment with all sorts of music, such as indie rock, progrock, alternative, post-punk, and garage rock. All this beautiful mess is immortalised in three studio albums which soon will find their way into foreign listeners’ hearts.