Anykščiai, Lithuania 12-15 JULY 2018



vakarai 2016

The oldest and the heaviest, the West stage is dedicated to metal: from classic tunes to progressive improvisations. Exquisite, extreme, intense – this is what this stage is all about, although rock’n’roll is welcome as well. Also, the West Stage boasts the best lighting in all Lithuanian summer festivals.


rytai 2016

The East stage is an alternative music haven: All things ‘rock’ can be discovered here: rock’n’roll, post-punk, stoner, progressive, desert, and many other alternative ventures. Everything is of high quality and bound to bring something fresh and exciting every year. 


gama 2016

The Gamma stage is the space for improvisation and home to MC Growl, Masterclasses and the Sunday concerts. From the morning hours, Gamma invites the early birds to partake in discussions and at night, the stage transforms into a cheeky cinema.


kablys 2018 stage

Curated by the club Kablys, this stage is an obscure dance floor, bringing some dark electronic (and guitar!) music to the festival.


barbablu stage 2018

Barbablu stage hosts day-time shows and late-night performances. It’s a home to trendy and niche alternative music which doesn’t quite fit into the roster of West and East stages. There might not be any guitars on stage, but that doesn’t mean that the music is less rock’n’roll!