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Black Metal / SWEDEN

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The Swedes WATAIN are the true leaders of the genre, they’re among the most influential and powerful Black Metal bands. They don’t play with props, no – everything that this company, led by Erik Danielsson, touches, is real, serious, and genuine. Having received acclaim from the very beginning of their career, the musicians have always kept the perfect balance between the underground and the mainstream. WATAIN has been named scandalists and recidivists more than once, though they simply follow their own unbreakable rules: the core ideologies of Black Metal and extreme sounds of guitars.

Even though the world of art is inseparable from creative inspiration, WATAIN is acknowledged as one of the most hard working live performance acts. Their concerts are frightening, radical, sometimes even shocking, but always full of extreme trials, spiritual symbolism, paranormal energy, and the darkest of emotions. WATAIN is open about their esoteric worldview and that music is the perfect tool to convey their blasphemous visions.