10th Devilstone To Take Place on the 12th-15th of July

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The 10th edition of the festival of alternative music and rock’n’roll Devilstone is going to take place from the 12th to the 15th of July at Dainuva valley, Anykščiai. Some new ideas and exciting events are in the plans for this anniversary. As the festival’s territory is expanded to its maximum capacity as of last summer, all the attention is focused on its musical content, overall quality, and some exclusive feats related to this special occasion. Rumour has it that Devilstone will break out into the town once more!

#Devilstone18 is going to be the hottest hashtag as it will represent the most relevant rock, metal, and electronic music of the following summer, including art exhibitions and performances. As usual, Devilstone’s unique line-up is going to feature the most important highlights in contemporary alternative music alongside the veterans and long-established traditions.

Fifty acts will perform throughout all Devilstone’s stages, the majority of which are live and instrumental; however, at least 10 electronic music performers will keep the festival alive at night. Traditionally, music isn’t the only type of art at Devilstone: the annual art exhibition Mass Hypnosis with its expositions, performances, and workshops is going to take place as well.

All the experience gathered since the first edition of the festival is being put forward to the upcoming Devilstone as it just has to be the most memorable and the best one. The following festival will be the first one without any drastic changes: during the last years, the overall concept was fully developed and the territory has been planned to its maximum potential, so all that needs to be done is just to keep all of the good things going. This positive outlook gives confidence that this summer’s festival is going to be exceptionally charming!

Since 2009, Devilstone is one of the most popular open-air alternative music events in the Baltic countries. The festival is distinguished in its variety of music, the most-wanted names in its line-up, and the positive spirit and rock’n’roll. Devilstone is the one of a kind rock’n’roll resort, offering musical discoveries, bohemian atmosphere, and original creative solutions.

Tickets available from 29 of November.

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Pakvieskit Mac Demarco :))))
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