Devilstone Presents: An Exhibition by Joan Cornellà

joan cornella naujiena
  • Part of this summer’s Devilstone art programme – an exhibition by the controversial artist Joan Cornellà at Anykščiai public library!
  • The exhibition will be available from the 13th of July (the second day of the festival) through to the 13th of August, free of charge.

Alongside the 10th edition of Devilstone in the Dainuva valley, an exhibition by the famous Joan Cornellà from Spain is going to be held at the public library of Anykščiai.

Joan Cornellà is the true master of surrealistic black humour. Violence, cannibalism, suicide, amputations, and other similar uncomfortable topics are re-imagined in bright and joyful colours, making one laugh out loud and immediately feeling bad about it.

Devilstone and Joan Cornellà is the dream duo, brought into existence after a couple of years of hard work. Anyone in town will be able to marvel at the black-humour genius work and to grab a piece of merchandise from the 13th of July until the 13th of August.

The exhibition is free of charge, better take care of your Devilstone ticket here: TICKETS

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Opening: The 13th of July, 13:00
Closing: 13th of August
Where: Anykščiai district municipality L. S. Didžiuliai Public Library (Vyskupo sq. 1)
Entry: Free of charge

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