The Famous-but-Anonymous ROPE SECT at Devilstone’s East Stage

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  • The debut of this mysterious German trio has caused quite a stir! While the release of ROPE SECTS’s new record is in the works, the re-prints of their demos are close to being sold out.
  • ROPE SECT’s show at #devilstone18 is going to be their first one in the Baltic countries.

Catchy and memorable guitar riffs, straightforward rhythms, and lulling vocals slowly and steadily tie a noose on an unsuspecting victim… This is ROPE SECT; the despair-wrenched sound their fans have come to love. Their work is full of energy but hypnotizing at the same time; depressive and oppressive gothic-death rock with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste is their trademark.

ROPE SECT avoids being identified not only for personal, but for creative reasons as well. They call their innovative but slightly nostalgic child of labour as Rock’n’Rope, without attributing themselves neither to occult rock revival or gothic rock and post-punk genres. In addition, the band’s previous records were dark enough to be released by a black metal label. Apparently ROPE SECT is planning to hang a noose on all lovers of the dark, not only of one specific genre.

ROPE SECT’s official debut is soon to be released and, if we believe the predictions, it will make the upcoming Rope’n’Roll show at Devilsone much more anticipated!

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