Denmark’s death metal prodigies BAEST join Devilstone 2018

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  • BAEST are currently slaying as one of the prime live acts in their native Denmark.
  • The talented five-member act received their festival baptism last year only, yet their debut full-length is to be released this summer by Century Media Records.

This Danish beast is nothing but a violent slap into the face for anybody convinced that there has been no worthy death metal coming from bands establshed later than in the 80‘s. Just to be clear, we‘re not talking melodeath, progressive death or deathcore here – only pure, solid, thick, brutal and extreme death metal. And that is exactly the kind of metal we‘ve been missing in Devilstone 2018 line-up.

BAEST are rapidly gaining recognition for their energetic stage presence as well as technical live performances. During their first year of existence the five-member act exterminated over 40 stages, whereas in 2018 already got to convince the audiences of Eurosonic and Tallinn Music Week of their immense potential.

Having world domination as the ultimate goal seems to be working in BAEST‘s favour – in summer 2017 the band had their first-ever festival experience at Denmark‘s largest metal festival Copenhell, and their debut album is to be released this summer by Century Media Records. BEAST are not trying to invent the wheel; instead, they keep perfecting and reworking the iconic death metal sound of their Scandinavian predecessors – and this works as a gasp gulp of fresh air blood in today‘s post-metal reality.

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